BMEA Club was inaugurated in 2018 with the prime objective of helping the BME students develop their own projects. The club acts as a platform for the students to learn new technical skills. Activities performed in BMEA club are project works, academic classes, arduino classes, MATLAB classes, hands on session with circuits and classes regarding placements.



Srivarshini R, 4th Year

GATE Score 1000/1000


Subrahmanyam B R, 4th Year

GATE Score 806/1000



Priyanshu Mondal, Subrahmanyam B R, Janani G K - 4th Year

“PCSPred: PCSPred: Prediction of Short Chain Antimicrobial Peptides using Machine Learning Algorithms” published in IEEE Xplore Conference Series of the 2023 International Conference on Next Generation Electronics (NEleX), conducted by VIT Vellore, Best Paper Award

Srivarshini R, Sai Sirandana R - 4th Year

“Design and Development of IMU- based Head-Tilt Controlled Intelligent Wheelchair” published in IEEE Xplore Conference Series of the 2023 International Conference on Next Generation Electronics (NEleX), conducted by VIT Vellore

Janavi T S, Keerthana V, Ayesha Jumana - 4th Year

“NutriScan: Smart Food Health Analyzer”, Best Project Award, IETE National Symposium ELITECOM 2024 

Janavi T S, Keerthana V, Ayesha Jumana - 4th Year

Best paper award (IEEE Xplore) for paper titled : Structural MR Brain Image Based Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease using Extreme Learning Machine at SSN-Drexel university, 10th international conference on Biosignals, Images and Instrumentation 

Tharun S, Premkumar S, Pragathi P, Sree Krishna S R - 4th Year

Paper presentation and Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Research Trend in AI & IoT for Infrastructure and Industry (AIIII 2024) organized by Centre for Research, Anna University


Sethu Madhavan S, 4th Year

3rd Place in the Open State Level Inter-College Men's Physique Junior Competition (Tall Category)

Nithin Vijayanambi, 4th Year

SVCE Football Tournament, 26-27 February 2024, Second Place Award


Christopher Dennis, Kailaash R M - 3rd Year

10th ICBS11 IEEE International Conference Paper Presentation

Hemanth R V, Dhivya Pradheep, Shanthini Devi P, Thaarini Devi S - 3rd Year

Participated in a National Conference (IEEE Paper Presentation)


Srivarshini R, 4th Year

AMM Arunachalam Shastiyapoorthy Scholarship Endowment Award with cash prize of Rs. 9000

Sai Mathangi, 3rd Year

Endowment Award in the CEG Annual Day Celebration


Vishal Dev B, 4th Year

Won Third Place in "Short Film Contest" at G20 University Connect Lecture Series conducted by Anna University

CSRC Funded Projects

Hemanth, Sai Shivani, Kailaash; Christopher Dennis, Rakshita, Raksana; Vishnu, Sri Balaji, Sai Mathangi; Thaarini Devi, Dhivya Pradeep, Tinkeswari


Career Guidance is organized by the association annually to give students guidelines on the paths they can take after their graduation where our alumni give their insights on the path that awaits after graduation, the hardships they faced and how the student graduates can avoid them. Last year this program also had recruiters from leading coaching institutes like GateForum, Manya and Career Launcher  who guided students about the right time and method for preparing for competitive exams.