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The official magazine of BMEA, 'Helix' is published twice every year, during Medevolv and Biospectra, starting from 2018. Eleven editions of Helix have been released so far. The magazine serves as a platform for showcasing the literary as well as artistic skills and talents of students of our department. It also serves as a warehouse of knowledge about various innovations and interesting facts revolving around biomedical engineering. In addition, the magazine highlights the achievements and internship experiences of students.

HELIX- Edition 1.pdf

HELIX - Edition 1

HELIX - Edition 2.pdf

HELIX - Edition 2

HELIX- Edition 3.pdf

HELIX - Edition 3

HELIX- Edition 4.pdf

HELIX - Edition 4

HELIX- Edition 5.pdf

HELIX - Edition 5

HELIX - Edition 6.pdf

HELIX - Edition 6


                                                        HELIX- Edition 7

HELIX- Edition 8.pdf

HELIX- Edition 8

HELIX- Edition 9.pdf

HELIX-Edition 9

HELIX-10 edition.pdf

HELIX-Edition 10